Google Fi新规则:一个计划最多拥有4张Data-Only Sim 数据卡

We wanted to let you know that we’re updating our policy around data-only SIMs. Starting today, Fi customers can have a maximum of 4 active data-only SIMs each.
You’re one of the few Fi customers who have more than 4 active data-only SIMs and we’re happy to let you know that you can continue using them all.
If you want to activate an additional data-only SIM in the future, you’ll first need to deactivate one of your existing ones. For more information on Fi data-only SIMs, visit the related help center article.
Thanks for being a part of Google Fi!
— Google Fi team

1 以前一个主卡可以带9个副卡,现在只能带4个了
2 7.25之前加入多少,以后还是多少。比如之前你加了9个卡进去,以后还可以是9个名额,如果之前没加副卡,那么以后只能最多加4个副卡

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